Project 3: Fuente de Vida

Project ID Annual Project Budget
for 2017
Executing Group and Partners


$20,000 Los Amigos del Bosque Nublado
Santa Bárbara

Fuente de Vida, Resplendent Quetzal Cloud-forest Restoration Program
Project Location Principal Protected Area Principal Target Species
El Dorado – San Luis Planes – El Sauce, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara N.P.
  • Resplendent Quetzal
Project History
Members from the 3 communities of El Dorado, San Luis Planes and El Sauce came
together in 2010 to protect private and public forests on Santa Barbara Mountain.
Training was provided for guides and for hospitality training. Since 2014 new tourism packages have been developed and trails built.
Project Objectives
  • Protect the natural environment of Santa Barbara National Park and its
    surrounds while enhancing the livelihoods and culture of local communities.
  • Contribute to the protection of the flora and fauna in the core protected area
    of PN Santa Barbara;
  • Sustainably manage the buffer zone adjoining the National Park;
  • Develop a sustainable and ethical ecotourism enterprise that creates new
    employment opportunities and decreases the communities’ dependence on
    the coffee economy;
  • Build the capacity of local communities to manage emerging tourism
    opportunities to ensure that the benefits remain within the community
Project Justification

Throughout the world, local communities look to tourism to generate income in the
hope of improving their livelihoods. Unfortunately the legacy of tourism is that it often destroys the very values that visitors come to see. In Montaña Santa Barbara, an area of
high biological, scenic and cultural diversity, local communities are striving to develop
an ethical and sustainable tourism enterprise that generates new sources of income in a manner that helps to sustain the cultural and environmental values of the region.

Project Description

This project aims to build the capacity of local communities to create and manage the ecotourism opportunities and develop and implement conservation programs on their
own terms rather than being overwhelmed by external commercial interests.


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