s Project 5: E-bird Program

Project 5: E-bird Program

Project ID Annual Project Budget
for 2017
Executing Group and Partners


$20,000 Zamorano Center for Biodiversity,
Zamorano University

San Antonio de Oriente, Honduras
Oliver Komar, Project coordinator


Zamorano University/E-bird Community Educational Program

Project Location Principal Protected Area Principal Target Species
All of Honduras La Tigra N.P.
Azul Meambar N.P.
Celaque N.P.
Pico Bonito N.P.
Santa Bárbara N.P.Sierra de Agalta N.P.
  • Golden-cheeked Warbler
  • Resplendent Quetzal
  • Lovely Cotinga
  • Three-wattled Bellbird
Project History
The eBird database has been developed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology since 2002.
Zamorano University has promoted and coordinated use of the eBird database in
Honduras since 2011. About the same time, Cornell Lab of Ornithology developed an education curriculum to promote elementary school-level instruction about birds and
citizen science. Zamorano will expand its activities to implement and adapt the Cornell curriculum to Honduras.
Project Objectives
Get kids interested in birding and bird conservation in urban areas near key national
parks and important bird areas in Honduras.
Project Justification

Education of youth in environmental issues is identified as priority in the National Biodiversity Strategy and in most protected area and species management plans.

Project Description

Zamorano University will organize training sessions for elementary school teachers
from at least 6 key school districts, to introduce them to available curriculum materials
and help them be effective proponents of bird conservation with their students.



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