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Majestic Jaguars roam tropical rain forests.  Scarlet Macaws nest among lost cities and Mayan Ruins.  Immense, forested mountains rise from sea-level to 8,000 feet.  Expansive mangroves are home to Agami Herons, Howler Monkeys and Manatees.  Here, is a tropical paradise of sparkling waterfalls, crystalline rivers, white sand beaches, and the most pristine coral reefs in the Americas. All of this and nearly 740 spectacular bird species make the country of Honduras the most scenic and sought after birding destination in Central America,

Long awaiting discovery by the world’s tropical birdwatchers, this Central American country of little more than 43,000 square miles today enjoys a steadily increasing avi-tourism presence thanks to birding tour companies, bird watching individuals and groups, and conservation institutions from the USA, UK, Canada and elsewhere.  Honduras boasts more than 8,500 square miles of protected areas and national parks (more than twice that of Costa Rica), and the hope is that through avi-tourism, this number can be sustained, or even grow in the future.

The 740+ bird species in Honduras range from the electric blue Lovely Cotinga, to the glorious Scarlet Macaw to the diminutive Black-crested Coquette.  70+ raptor species, 40+ hummingbird species,  8 trogon species, 7 motmot species and more, are just some of what hasbirders discovering Honduras, and Honduras’ birds, in ever increasing numbers.  And with Honduras such a newly discovered birding paradise, new species and new species ranges are never out of the question.  More and more is known about Honduras’ birds each year, thanks in no small part to Honduras growing avi-tourism popularity.

The Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour is designed to further this growth in avi-tourism and the protection of Honduras’ birds and their habitat.   We will be joining 5 of the world’s biggest leaders in bird watching and bird conservation, 5 expert local Honduran bird guides, and 5 groups of enthusiastic participants in a relaxed birding tour to reveal some of the best of Honduras birding.  

We invite you to join Tim Appleton, Richard Crossley, Jeff Gordon, Adam Riley, Bill Thompson lll, and Honduran guides Alex Avarado, Elmer Escoto, Esdras Lopez, William Orellana, and Jose Calderon in the most celebrated and significant birding conservation event in Honduras’ history.

Dates are:  November 4 – 13, 2016.  Registration is now, and more information is available [email protected]

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